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Allison Holloway

Allison Holloway has been training dogs professionally since 1991. She has attended numerous seminars and conferences on behavior and training including Ian Dunbar, Sophia Yen, Terry Ryan, Roger Abrantes, Pat McConnell, Jean Donaldson, and Sue Sternberg, among many others. She has been a member of Buckeye Region Agility Group, Dog Scouts of America, and Association of Pet Dog Trainers.Allison has taught obedience at Petsmart for over 10 years, and agility at Dogs Scouts camp in Michigan for 8 years. She worked as director at a rural humane society for 6 years, and was certified as a SAFER evaluator. Currently her passion is training deaf and/or blind dogs.

Allison loves the connection that can develop between a dog and handler, and her favorite part of training is teaching others to connect with their dogs and form a partnership.

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ND2ADDjeremybarnhill.fwJeremy Barnhill

I have been involved with Dog Sports for 7 years now.  Started with Sagira in Agility, we attended training classes with her after we got her from the rescue.  We decided to give Agility a try and fell in love with the sport.  Started playing Disc shortly after when I got Bokeh.  I love the special bond that develops between the dog and  handler.  I decided to start instructing so others can share the same thing with their furry family members!

MACH Sagira MXB MJB  All American 7 years old
Peakview Wigglebut Fuzzy Blur “Bokeh” NA,NAJ USDDN World Championship Qualifier 2012, Skyhoundz Disc-Dog-A-Thon World Qualifier 2013 Aussie 4 years old
Pawprint Calm Before the Storm “Tempest”  NA, NAJ USDDN World Championship Qualifier 2014, Skyhoundz Disc-Dog-A-Thon World Qualifier 2014 Border Collie 2 years old

matt-bilderback2.fwMatt Bilderback

I have always been an animal lover and have had pets nearly all my life. Starting in 2004, after adopting a pup from the Chicago Humane Society, my life had begun to change course. I no longer simply had pets, but companions and eventually teammates in the sport of canine disc. I didn’t get involved in disc dog and performance dog training until 2005, after adopting a border collie from the area rescue. Buddy came equipped to catch just about anything. Since then we have competed in numerous states at the professional disc dog handler level with not only my Border Collie Buddy (now retired) but also our two Mini Aussies, Bella & Bazooka.

In 2008 I became involved in with the Southern Ohio Flying K9s (SOFK9s) and have since become the club president for the past several years. During this time we have competed and performed all over the Midwest and southern states. In addition to the club, I am also an instructor based out of Columbus Ohio and teach canine disc on a regular basis.

Although not my profession, the work I do with these dogs and with the teams I inspire and guide is my passion and has been a large part of my life for the past 10 years. In addition to disc my dogs are also trained in agility & dock diving.

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Joe-King.fwJoe King

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Nancy McCrackin

Our family dog, a beagle/retriever/spaniel mix named Suzie, was a really cool pal, but I never had a dog that was all my own until 1994. I moved to a house with a yard, and got a dog, a golden retriever/shepherd mix “Molly”.I was checking out the neighborhood paper for garage sales and happened to see an advertisement asking if I wanted to learn about dog agility and have fun with my dog. I had never heard of dog agility, but I remember being super-worried that my dog’s home schooling would not be good enough to pass the preview. I’d never had any instruction in dog handling, and had just been doing what my parents did with Suzie.

I quickly got the agility bug, and joined Buckeye Region Agility Group, unfazed by how dirty we got every week in that dirt floor barn, or how cold it was with no heat in the winter. Molly and I loved agility and learning new things. She was an easy dog to train – a ‘velcro’ dog. Training me became my instructors’ challenge!

Merit, my next dog, was a totally different animal, in every aspect. A border collie/Portuguese water dog cross, he has an enthusiasm for life and having fun, and would do agility with or without me.  I think we should have had some sort of prize for the most ‘loose dog’ episodes in class. Merit taught me so much about being a better handler, teamwork, frustration, dedication, attitude, trust, and having a good time.

Then came Melba (aka Toast) the small golden retriever rescue with a big attitude and an obsessive work ethic. She was a lot of dog, fun to train, and left us way too soon.

Now there is Monkey- some kind of terrier/spitz mix rescue – still learning about obstacles and teamwork…and working on that ‘loose dog’ prize.

Over 20 years, I have attended agility seminars, and read books on positive training, dog behavior, and operant conditioning . I have taught classes from beginners to a competition class. I have learned so much from my instructors and friends, and their dogs. I enjoy identifying and helping develop strengths in the dog/handler teams, and watching them be successful.

I live in UA with my partner Keith. Our ‘pack’ also enjoys all-season hiking, swimming, road trips, and popcorn parties.

nora-meher.fwNora Meher

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stacie-pic.fwStacie Shirko

I’ve been involved in dog training for 18 years, beginning with my Australian Shepherd who really needed a job.  I started in obedience with him.  I switched to agility when my Border Collie thought obedience was too slow.  I’ve taught agility classes for about 14 years.  I enjoy watching the relationship develop between the dogs and handlers.






Vikki Wilcox

Compared to many, Vikki is relatively new to the agility world.  She started training her first agility dog, Punkin, in 2008.  As a team they strive to have fun together with every run.

In addition to helping out at Sky Dogs, Vikki is very active in Akita rescue where she evaluates dogs and adoptive homes, fosters puppies, helps new adopters with training and behavior issues, and transports orphans.  Her other passions include Dog Scouts and volunteering at Disc Golf tournaments and events that her husband is playing in.  One thing about Vikki is that she is always willing to lend a hand.